The boards of directors of Hillsides and Bienvenidos announced the creation of a parent-subsidiary relationship as of June 30. Both Hillsides and Bienvenidos will retain their individual names with Bienvenidos becoming the subsidiary and an affiliate of Hillsides.
(PASADENA, CA, JUNE 29, 2016) Some 80 guests enjoyed an evening of fine food and drink while supporting Hillsides at a beautiful private estate in Pasadena on June 26 during the foster care charity’s Seventh Annual H100 Farm to Table Dinner.  Attendees were treated to innovative and local farm-fresh cocktails and fare prepared by local chef Claud Beltran and raised money to provide youth who live in Hillsides off-campus therapeutic group homes with summertime activities and field trips.
(PASADENA, CA, June 21, 2016) Marcy Ireland was in a crisis. Her son James, eight, was out of control. Prone to extreme mood shifts and aggression, he would lash out at his family verbally and physically. “When something upset him, he couldn’t control his emotions,” remembers Ireland. “If there was a knife on the table, he would use it. He would throw rocks at my other children and say he was going to kill them.  If we were driving on the freeway, he’d try to jump out of the car.”
When Briana Cushman, 26, volunteers with the children who reside at Hillsides, she tells them something that’s guaranteed to elicit a big reaction: She once lived there, too. “At first, the kids don’t believe it,” said Cushman, who is events co-chair for Hillsides Volunteer Network (HVN), a support group that puts on monthly activities for the children.  “But then I explain that they can pursue everything they want in life. They can move on from the past and find success.”   Cushman is living proof of this. 
Regifting has a bad name. If a present has been recycled, it’s usually something undesirable. Not so for the 10 girls who live at the Canyon Cottage at Hillsides residential therapeutic treatment program in Pasadena.  They are the beneficiaries of a very appealing pass-along gift -- $2,000 for tickets to Disneyland.  And all because of the generosity of a Hillsides employee.   


Family Resource Centers offer numerous community-based programs and services that provide parenting classes, mental health support, and additional crucial resources for vulnerable children and families throughout Los Angeles County, including the San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena. >
Residential Treatment Services provide a safe and stable environment where children and youths, who cannot live at home, suffered trauma, or have severe emotional or behavioral challenges, can thrive. >
Education Center, a therapeutic residential and day school, offers individualized education for students with social-emotional, learning and/or behavior challenges for children in kindergarten through 12th grade. >
Youth Moving On, with support from The Everychild Foundation, provides former foster youth affordable quality housing and numerous support services to help them become responsible, self-sufficient adults. >

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