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Child Worker at Hillsides Finds Solution to Bath Time Problem for Parents

Ray Phillips of SoapSox will make an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank’s Season 6, Episode 603 on Oct. 3 at 9:00 p.m.

(PASADENA, CA)— Working with children who had experienced trauma, Ray Phillips found that the most difficult time of the day was bath time. As a program director who worked with vulnerable children and youth for 16 years at Hillsides, a premier provider of behavioral healthcare, Phillips took matters into his own hands and created a product to find a simple solution to a bath time problem. SoapSox made a debut in the market in October 2013 at the All Baby & Child Expo with novel plush characters as bath aids for children. The company’s founder, Phillips, and co-founder, Alvin Uy, will make an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank’s Season 6, Episode 603 on October 3 at 9:00 p.m.

“Children would argue, cry, and even attempt to hide to avoid taking a bath,” Phillips said. After repeated struggles with one child who could not part with his stuffed animal to bathe, Phillips took another cotton stuffed animal and modified it to hold soap. Unknowingly, SoapSox was born.

Sometime later and while still working with children and families, Phillips recognized the same dilemma persisted in homes. SoapSox solved the dilemma by wrapping a traditional washcloth material fabricated in unique eye-catching designs around an anti-microbial sponge to combine fun and functionality. The bath aid has turned the chore of bathing into a time for fun and bonding for parents unlike any other product in the market.

Since the product was created to help children, SoapSox is giving a portion of the proceeds to assist in providing safe places for children. SoapSox, just as Hillsides, believes every child deserves to be safe from abuse, explore, and grow. Hillsides will benefit from SoapSox’s commitment in the community.

“Hillsides is that special kind of place, the place where you stay longer than you expect, and the kids always come back to visit. The administrators and staff put the children first; kids feel it, trust it, and it shows,” Phillips fondly said. “In the midst of the laughs and cries, children are slowly recapturing their childhood. It’s the kind of place that you say, “If ever I can do more for this place or others like it…I will.’”

Headquartered in Pasadena, Hillsides improves the overall well-being and functioning of vulnerable children, youth, and their families throughout Los Angeles County. It consists of four core programs: Family Resource Centers that offer numerous community-based programs and services; Residential Treatment Services that provide a safe and stable environment for children unable to live at home; an Education Center, a therapeutic residential and day school for children with emotional or behavioral challenges; and Youth Moving On, a program for youth formerly in foster care who are transitioning to adulthood.

What turned out to be a love of working with children and helping them feel safe has brought reassurance in the tub and quality time with parents. To purchase a SoapSox character, visit To learn about Hillsides, visit

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About SoapSox
Founders and fathers, Ray Phillips and Alvin Uy, created SoapSox to take away the bath time blues, while stressing the opportunity that bath time provides time to bond and develop play skills with your child. The pair started development after Phillips, who worked with children, found that bath time was the most challenging time of the day, and created a unique solution. For more information, visit

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