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H100 was founded to nurture a younger community base for Hillsides and to create the next generation of support.  Established in 2009 with a small five-member board, H100 has grown to over 100 members and has raised thousands of dollars for Hillsides. The group has recently adopted two Hillsides cottages that house 20 children in foster care. H100 raises funds for these children through an annual Farm to Table dinner held in the summer, a family event held in the spring, and a holiday event in November. H100 members also provide these 20 children with their specific holiday wishes and personalized stockings, new bedding, Valentine’s Day goodies, Easter baskets and personal birthday packages complete with cake, ice cream, gifts and personalized décor. In addition, H100 plans special outings for the children to the movies, nail salons and amusement parks.  One of the best parts of being involved is that the youth often write personal notes to donors in a heart-warming expression of gratitude for meeting their wishes.

With limited events per year, the H100 board strives to make participation in the group an easy and enjoyable way to meet others while also serving the community and improving the lives of others in transformative ways. Come be a part of this friendly, dynamic group and support the children of Hillsides. We'd love to meet you.





I want to learn more about H100…

What is the group about? H100 is a group of young individuals in the community committed to further building awareness for Hillsides for the next hundred years.

What is their mission? H100 enriches the lives of the youth and families of Hillsides by providing fun activities and seasonal giving that creates lasting memories and improves the quality of life through a network of community support with various ways for members to participate.

I would like to become a H100 member…

Who do I contact? Please email Carrie Espinoza, chief advancement officer in Hillsides Advancement Services, at cespinoza@hillsides.org or purchase your membership online. Individuals and couples are welcome as well as your referrals.

How much does it cost? H100 membership dues are $100 per year, per household and are renewed each July when we offer discounted tickets to our annual Farm to Table dinner upon renewal. Please consider the auto-renewal option for an easy way to stay current by noting that in the memo section of your checkout.

What do the dues cover? The $100 fee covers discounted tickets to the annual Farm to Table dinner and complimentary admission to the fall, and newly added, spring socials.

What does being a H100 member entail? H100 holds three events per year and offers ways to donate time, ideas and cash through activities offered on the website and through our newsletter. Hillsides holds several events per month and you are always welcome to participate. Your level of involvement is up to you, and gestures large and small make all the difference to those in need. 

I am now a  H100 member…

Where do I start? Try taking a tour of the Hillsides campus. You will be impressed by the range and depth of services offered and the individualized care that the youth and families receive. At the tour you will learn about the different needs at Hillsides and how you can get involved on a volunteer level or by coming to other Hillsides events. Contact Carrie Espinoza at cespinoza@hillsides.org to schedule a tour that works for your schedule.

How do I volunteer at Hillsides? Contact Laura Kelso, director of community resources, at lkelso@hillsides.org to discuss volunteer opportunities, complete the volunteer application process and attend a volunteer orientation to get started volunteering at Hillsides. Along with H100, you can also get involved in Hillsides Volunteer Network or the Hillsides Guild, which are other Hillsides support groups and have direct contact with Hillsides kids.

How do I learn about H100 events? As an H100 member you will receive H100 Happenings, the monthly newsletter, via email which details events, ways to get involved and how to donate. We will also send electronic notices for events, as well as paper invitations via traditional mailings.  

How do I learn about Hillsides events? Enter your email in the field on the homepage by clicking here to sign up for the Hillsides newsletter which details all Hillsides events.

Who to Contact:

Hillsides Advancement Services Staff
Carrie Espinoza, Chief Advancement Officer
323-543-2800, ext. 12221

Hillsides Community Resources
Laura Kelso, Director of Community Resources
323-254-2274, ext. 11251

H100 Board 2020-2021

Ava Herrera, President

Dan Harper and Nehal Lakhani, Membership Co-Chairs

Michele Van Buren, Communications

Holly Breckheimer, Lauralyn Deringer and Bernie Gore, Social Co-Chairs

Melissa Corrente and Alison Stewart, Christmas Giving Co-Chairs

Uyen-Uyen Vo, Liaison for Birthdays, Valentines, Easter

Katherine Solaini, Member at large

We provide home-based family care (formerly known as foster care) to help children and youth heal from the effects of trauma. Included in the home-based care are treatment and adoption services for children and youth ranging from newborn to 21 years old. >
Our centers offer numerous community-based programs and services that provide parenting classes, mental health support, and additional crucial resources for vulnerable children and families throughout Los Angeles County, including the San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena. >
We offer comprehensive family support and individual mental health treatment for children and adolescents, ages 6 to 17. This program includes a Residential Treatment Center (RTC), a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), as well as coordinated family and aftercare programming. >
Youth Moving On, with support from The Everychild Foundation, provides former foster youth affordable quality housing and numerous support services to help them become responsible, self-sufficient adults. >

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