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Join the Hillsides community to help children, youth, and families heal.

Community-Based Mental Health Services

Essential support to help families in crisis

Families of all kinds face significant challenges. During these times of crisis, Hillsides is a pillar of support, providing compassionate assistance, lifesaving interventions and access to vital programs to guide families through trauma toward the path of healing.

Our Family Resource Centers provide support services for individuals from birth through adulthood via walk-in centers across Southern California, within the community, and directly in families’ homes. Our culturally competent therapists offer mental health support, parenting classes, and prevention services, ensuring families are equipped to address behavioral health challenges. Grounded in trauma-informed care and evidence-based practices, our approach ensures the use of the most effective methods in reaching individual family goals.

We are on the path with you to overcome mental health barriers and foster a secure and healthy life for your family. Together, we can restore hope and honor the individual integrity of each family member.

Your needs are diverse, and so is our team. We bring together a team of compassionate experts from all walks of life with fluency in multiple languages, to ensure that the care you receive aligns seamlessly with your unique reality and values.

Focus Areas

  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Psychological and psychiatric evaluation
  • Walk-in services
  • Community enrichment programs
  • Crisis management
  • Medication management
  • Substance abuse and domestic violence support
  • Workforce development

If you or someone you know needs immediate help, call 911 or call or text 988 in a suicidal crisis.

Hillsides is here to provide support and connection to vital resources for children and adults of all ages. You can get help today if you or your child are experiencing any of the below.

  • Feelings of sadness and hopelessness
  • Changes in appetite and sleep
  • Struggling at work or school
  • Using drugs and alcohol often
  • Suspension from school
  • Previous hospitalization for mental health reasons
  • Homelessness

Hillsides accepts Medi-Cal for children and adults.

Find a location near you.

Bienvenidos FRC East Los Angeles
5400 E. Olympic Blvd., 1st Floor
Commerce, CA 90022

Hillsides FRC East San Gabriel Valley
13001 Ramona Blvd.
Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Hillsides FRC El Sereno
4927 Huntington Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Hillsides FRC Pomona
1902 Royalty Dr., Suite 240
Pomona, CA 91767

Hillsides FRC South Pasadena
149 Pasadena Ave., Suite A
South Pasadena, CA 91030

Mia’s Story: Healing is within reach, with open arms

For many, childhood is characterized by running around with friends, scraped knees, and eagerly waiting for the recess bell. Due to complex traumas experienced by children at a young age, this is not always a reality; however, at Hillsides, advocacy did not stop for seven-year-old Angela until she was able to regain the childhood she deserved.

She arrived at Hillsides in serious need of trauma-informed care. Mia was refusing to eat, had suicidal ideations, difficulty attending school and sleeping on her own, and often felt fearful which affected her ability to make same age friends and find connections at school.

A large part of every child’s journey at Hillsides is getting a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment, paired with relentless advocacy from the staff and adults who surround her. Mia was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder due to trauma experienced with her father, and after a variety of dead ends with the Department of Child and Family Services and court-ordered family therapy, her family turned to Hillsides as a beacon of hope.

Right away, Mia was perceptive to building a relationship with her therapist, with initial meetings taking place alone. When attempts for family sessions were made, Mia became triggered—becoming hyper-vigilant, regressing to crying spells and expressing having nightmares. Hillsides and Mia’s mother knew there was more than just this reality in store for Mia. Her therapist offered revisions to the scope of practice, which were centered around Mia’s safety and ceased monitoring visits with her father. The judge granted permission of this plan, and shortly after, Mia exhibited significant improvement.

Utilizing play therapy, grounding techniques to reduce post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, and somatic therapy for Central Nervous System Repair, Mia is now attending school in person, sleeping on her own, and exhibiting decreased nightmares and anger. When triggered, she taps into interventions learned in her therapy sessions, empowered to verbally express her needs versus shutting down and defaulting to crying spells.

Mia has since graduated from the program, and her therapeutic team threw a small celebration to highlight the family’s strengths and their well-deserved growth. Mia’s mother continues to thank Hillsides for their unwavering support and advocacy, which allowed Mia to take back the reigns of her childhood.

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