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Join the Hillsides community to help children, youth, and families heal.

Residential Treatment

Comprehensive care for children and youth

Hillsides offers multiple behavioral health treatment programs for children from six to 17 years old on our beautiful 17-acre Pasadena campus.

Children in our residential programs stay with us overnight throughout their course of treatment. Every child is safe in our recently updated cottages where they have their own room, access to a phone, and are supervised day and night by our highly trained team, including our 24/7 nursing staff. Complete with outdoor spaces that residents can enjoy year-round, our beautiful 17-acre campus also offers a new student life center with an art room, game room, recording studio, and gymnasium.

Through consistent daily living-skill activities, social building, enrichment activities and strength-based therapeutic support, children receive round-the-clock care to restore hope and encourage a pathway towards a secure future.

Hillsides Cares

HillsidesCares is a comprehensive treatment program serving children six to 17 years old across three levels of care: residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient. Our team works together with families and insurance providers to determine the best treatment plan to meet each family’s unique needs. This continuum of care allows clients to transition within their care options as their needs evolve, and to maintain consistent treatment teams throughout their healing journey. The clinical schedule includes individual, group and family psychotherapy, skill-building, academic tutoring, art therapy, music therapy and other enrichment programming.

Residential Treatment Program

Hillsides’ Pasadena campus is home to our Residential Treatment Program for children that have experienced trauma, are unable to live at home, or grapple with severe emotional, psychological, or behavioral challenges. Our compassionate team of experts work directly with families and county agencies to tailor a specialized treatment program which can include a range of therapeutic interventions, including individual, group, and family psychotherapy, academic tutoring, as well as enriching activities like art therapy and music therapy. Together, we are committed to providing the support and care needed for these children to heal and thrive.

"Hillsides has been an incredibly positive experience for our family. The care my child received was consistent and high-quality. We received regular communication from the therapy and psychiatry teams. My child is leaving the program in a much better place than she started."

Focus Areas

  • Communication-focused, integrative care
  • Individual, group, and family psychotherapy
  • Substance abuse screening, early intervention, and relapse prevention
  • Full-time nursing staff
  • Virtual psychiatry
  • Medication management
  • Skill building and therapeutic support groups for parents and guardians

940 Avenue 64
Pasadena, CA 91105

Monica’s Story: A home away from home

Stability, safety and promise. These are our North Stars for the youth who call the Hillsides Residential Treatment Program home.

Monica joined our legacy program in March of 2021, finding a safe haven in our 17-acre park-like grounds that equip budding youth like Monica to experience emotional healing and develop coping skills through individualized therapeutic services.

In March 2022 she transitioned to a foster home but was quickly removed due to struggling relationally with her roommate and refusing to attend school. With this transition, our program thankfully had a bed available in a cottage, and she was welcomed with open arms.

Through consistent daily living-skill activities, social building, enrichment activities, and strength-based therapeutic support, Monica received the round-the-clock care she needed to restore hope and encourage a pathway towards a secure future. Through consistency and intentionality, her therapy and psychiatry support were unwavering; she regained her appetite for school—maintaining the same school throughout this season, and even attended prom. The Hillsides family is thrilled that she was able to enjoy a typical end-of-high school experience, achieve her mental health goals, and eventually return to living with family.

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